Understanding patient needs and preparing them for international air travel following sickness or injury requires specialised planning and expertise.

With Australian Medical Escort Service you can be assured of the following:

  • AMES dedicated team of Doctors, Critical Care Nurses and Mobile Intensive Care Paramedics are available 24/7 to discuss, plan and coordinate the appropriate care required to suit your particular medical needs
  • AMES liaises with your insurance provider and your treating physician to ensure all information is available to us, enabling our flight plans to proceed efficiently and safely
  • AMES utilises commercial aircraft or private jet to bring you home. Depending on your needs you will travel with your escort in business class, assuring a level of comfort and privacy. Stretcher transfers can be accommodated if required
  • AMES assesses each individual case, consults with your treating physician and provides all necessary medical equipment to deliver high quality care on your journey home
  • AMES has low overheads enabling cost effective solutions
  • All AMES quotes are inclusive of flights, ground transport, medical team fees and any other costs associated with the transfer
  • If you have a family member who needs assistance and support to travel, AMES can also provide a non-medical travel companion
  • With AMES you will feel confident and assured knowing we are highly skilled with over 27 years escorting patients worldwide
  • AMES is dedicated to our clients and committed to continuous improvement.