Collaboration. Melbourne to Detroit
Australian Medical Escort Service (AMES) was part of a multidisciplinary team that transferred a patient from Melbourne back to Detroit, USA. AMES was responsible for the nursing care and support for the patient both pre-trip and in-flight.

"Your personal care and attention were outstanding as was your handover and I thank you for it."  Charlotte

Detroit from the air
Detroit from the air

Communication. Planning. Implementation. Success. Solomon Islands to Melbourne
Australian Medical Escort Service (AMES) successfully completed a recent repatriation from the Solomon Islands to Australia. Careful planning and navigation under the challenging circumstances that COVID presents, resulted in an emotional patient receiving care otherwise not available to him.

"I wish to extend my most sincere appreciation to AMES and all involved. Your wonderful organisation has given me the opportunity to receive life-saving care for which I am forever thankful."  Walter

Airside Honiara Airport
Airside Honiara Airport

Empty airport - Darwin to Seoul
The COVID-19 environment is certainly a challenging one for commercial airline medical repatriations. HOWEVER Australian Medical Escort Service is pleased to have recently completed a successful Darwin to Seoul transfer. Navigating the necessary entry/exit bureaucracy, mandatory quarantine, limited commercial flights and connections wasn't straightforward but not impossible in these unprecedented times. The result - a very thankful and relieved patient and family.

"You were very kind and took good care of my sister. I appreciate and hope you return to Australia safely." Hanna

Incheon International Airport
Incheon International Airport, South Korea

Montevideo to Melbourne to Auckland

Australian Medical Escort Service was delighted to assist Aeromedical Solutions in the repatriation of passengers stranded on the Greg Mortimer cruise ship off the coast of Uruguay. New Zealanders arriving in Melbourne from Montevideo were transferred in a private jet to Auckland. An AMES Medical Escort was on board to monitor the health of the passengers. 13 grateful Kiwis happy to be home!

Private jet with AMES Flight Nurse
Private jet with AMES Flight Nurse

Sharing feedback from some of our 2020 repatriations:

Sri Lanka to Melbourne - “How impressed and forever thankful I am with the medical repatriation by AMES of my partner from Sri Lanka to Australia. Without their professional, efficient expertise in getting him out of hospital, to the airport, on to the plane and then by ambulance to hospital in the small window we had, I am not sure he would be here today. We both owe you more than we could ever repay and thank you so much for your commitment to getting us safely home.” Raylene

Phuket to Perth - “A big thank you for giving me the confidence to get moving .. you made the journey so smooth.” Scott

Phuket to Perth - “Thank you so much for the support and assistance in the repatriation.” Teo

Welcome home!